Neon Brand Communications provides a range of PR and Communications services. Here are a few but, if it isn't listed here, then why not get in touch to see if we can help?



Strategy lives at the heart of Neon's offering, developing strategic communications solutions for people, brands and businesses. Whatever the challenge, Neon will develop an engaging and considered solution that allows you to communicate your message effectively, whether to your customers, the media, or your stakeholders. Neon can guide your existing team carefully through the activation stage or can manage this on your behalf, delivering a flawless campaign that meets your commercial or business objectives.


With years of experience speaking to the media, Neon has solid press contacts across multiple titles, and understands the importance of "the pitch". Neon will carefully tailor a media strategy that ensures you deliver your agreed messages to the right titles, in the right way, whether proactively approaching a journalist to discuss your product or service, reactively managing a press office, or managing the media in a crisis. 


We understand the need for your business to be spoken about in the right way at the right time and will work with you to understand what your business needs to achieve and how we can get there. From careful profile placement for business leaders, to thought leadership content for creatives and business-to-business communications, Neon can develop a strategy that helps you communicate your core business messages to those who have the power to influence.



Your staff are your most valuable asset and are also valuable ambassadors for your brand. Therefore, it is vital  that you communicate with them effectively. Why launch a product to the media if your staff don't know its key selling points? Why announce a change to the business in a customer newsletter if your staff aren't fully on-board yet? Neon can build internal communications into any overarching plan, ensuring that staff and stakeholders are engaged and excited about the plans for your business and brand. 


Matchmaking brands and talent can give you an opportunity to reach and engage a wider audience, whether through shared initiatives, ambassador-fronted campaigns or cross promotion. With a broad list of contacts at its fingertips, Neon can craft partnership recommendations, secure and deliver valuable introductions, and see a high profile brand or talent partnership through from conception to conclusion. 


With previous experience across some of the world's biggest sports and music sponsorships, Neon will 'sweat your assets'  to ensure maximum return on your investment. From managing your talent and ambassadors to ensure they deliver on the day, to reviewing your sponsorship agreement to deliver a strategic way to maximise the use of every one of your assets, Neon will work with you to ensure that every element of your sponsorship is a resounding PR success story.



What you say and how you say it sets a lasting impression of your brand. Neon can work with you to define your brand's personality and to deliver ongoing and engaging content that helps to ensure that this personality shines through at every touchpoint, whether this is online (social media or website), in your marketing materials (newsletters, adverts, advertorials) or PR materials (thought leadership, opinion pieces). Neon can also deliver a 'style guide' to ensure brand consistency across your business.


In this age, digital and social media should form a key part of any communications strategy. Neon can work with you to assess your existing online presence and to ensure that you are utilising the right channels available to you, as well as using them as effectively as possible. In addition to developing ongoing content calendars and messaging, Neon can also manage your social media presence on your behalf if required.


Managing an event can be a stressful occasion, especially when you need to use the opportunity to network with your guests. With past events experience including VIP film launches and red carpet events, intimate press launches, and global brand showcases, Neon can manage the whole or part of the event, from developing the media guest list and managing media and talent on the day, to delivering world-class entertainment and catering services.